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If you work with someone, or you yourself have any accessibility limitations, you know how difficult it can be to find even city hotels who understand your needs, not to mention wilderness resorts.  Each individual has different needs, and finding hosts who understand how to truly accommodate is a service in itself.  To add to the many gems in the Upper Nechako, we have knowledgable hosts who are passionate about every person having the chance to experience the outdoors!

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Everyone can Boat!

Access to boating can be difficult for wheelchair users.  As outdoor enthusiasts who share this challenge; we have a solution for those with mobility issues.  A dock lift!

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One half of the resort owners, Ken and Debbie Still have a son in a wheelchair and several friends with family members in wheelchairs, which has motivated them to explore ways to make their resort cabins and recreational facilities accessible for everyone.

Tatuk Lake is the only resort north of Kelowna with handicapped facilities which includes a dock lift.

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