Practice that J-Stroke

Canoe in the Wild

Dip your Paddle into Adventure

Live the Canadian Dream

Strap on the life jacket and dip that paddle in the water – it’s time to get on the lake!  There are few experiences that compare to the self-powered glide of a canoe crossing the lake.  Bring your fishing rod, spot wildlife, or simply soak in the rhythmic momentum of being connected with water in such a natural way.

Rent a canoe, or bring your own – contact one of our resorts below to find your perfect canoeing excursion!

The Lake is Yours

Rent a canoe at the lodge and enjoy exploring the raw wilderness of the Tweedsmuir North Park, where the nature is still untouched. And where you are far from the tourism crowds.

Starting at $40 per day.

Canoe or Kayak, you pick!

Break the silence with your paddle.  Stick to the lake; or paddle up the river and drift back.  Don’t be surprised to spot otter, a moose, or beaver on your adventure!  Stop on shore at pebble beach and search for “lucky rocks”.

$30 per day.

Make it a Family Day!

Canoeing the Crystal Lakes is great fun for everyone. Enjoy the peaceful call of loons as you glide silently across the glassy waters. Or race your friends and family around the bay in front of the lodge. A canoe is quintessentially Canadian!

Free with Cabin Rental!

Looking for someone who can help you with your paddling skills?

Talk to an EXPERT

Meet Katharina Temperli!

I started to canoe as a youth in Switzerland, where I enhanced my skills on both rivers and lakes. I fulfilled my dream to canoe in the wild in Canada and I have canoed on many lakes for days and month. The motion of a well-paddled canoe is like a reed in the wind.  I would be happy to share my skills with you at Tetachuck Wilderness Lodge.

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