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Watch the Birds

Birds of a Feather fly to Vanderhoof

Enough Birds to Fill your Memory Card

When it comes to birding, Vanderhoof has it all.  Right in town there is a Migratory Bird Sanctuary, so you can imagine just how many birds you can see when in the backcountry!

Our area boasts trumpeter swans, Canada geese, herons, cowbirds, eagles, osprey, northern pintails, chickadees, red wing black birds, flycatchers, swallows, blackbirds… the list goes on!

Birdwatching in the Nechako is a terrific experience – talk to one of the resorts below about what they offer, and how they can enhance your stay in nature!

Bird Watcher's Paradise

From the call of the loon, the migration of the Canada geese, to the majestic heron; Tatuk Lake is like a fowl sanctuary.  Duck, geese, crane, eagles, osprey, and kingfisher are among the many species found here. A bird watcher’s paradise!

Starting at $100 per night.


Looking for someone who loves to identify and connect with nature as much as you?

Talk to an EXPERT

Meet June Wood!

My education in knowing the outdoors began with my father, Bert Irvine, a trapper and Guide Outfitter, who had grown up in the bush and who continued his love of nature throughout his long life.  I have been president of a Naturalist Club in Quesnel, and involved representing the Nechako in the Federation of BC Naturalist/BC Nature, i.e. the BCUC hearings into the proposed Kemano Completion Project and the Nechako White Sturgeon Recovery Initiative. I am also the author of two books: Nechako Country, in the Footsteps of Bert Irvine and Home to the Nechako, the River and the Land.

Denis and I started a small nature-based tourism operation on the Nechako River, about 60 kilometres south-west of Vanderhoof, in 1999. We are starting to ease out of our tourism operation, but I’m more than happy to make myself available as “the naturalist expert” to clients of our UNWC members.

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